Freedom Will Never Reign for Young Blacks in Face of Divisive Tactics, Political Calculation

The effort to promote suspicion and contempt of anyone who disagrees philosophically with a president who happen to be black has nothing to do with bettering the condition of black Americans. It's insidious, and promoting division and discord is the exact opposite of Dr. King's objective.

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Truth Averse Obama Deceives Americans on His Budget Numbers

It should surprise no one that the Obama Administration, encumbered by a genuine "Truth Aversion," would fabricate budget numbers to deceive the American public. Some will be surprised, however, by the audacity and extent of the deception--how dramatically the numbers were skewed by the President, himself (though no doubt fault lies with some low-level speech writer). Read More

Combating Indoctrination 101: Conservatives Must Hit the Campuses

Look, there is no doubt about it: colleges and universities, with their leftist course offerings and mandatory freshman "sensitivity training" orientation (otherwise known as: how to have any kind of sex with anyone, anytime, anyplace) are the final stage of the leftist indoctrination program that began in kindergarten.

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White House Counting on Americans' Idiocy: Sequester Battle Based on Lies

Now is the time to begin to turn the tables. To call the president's obscene bluff as he banks on American's idiocy in falling for continued scare tactics. Scare tactics that are based on pure fabrication. The key is Congressional Republicans--frighteningly enough. Don't blink. This time, don't blin Read More

Call Islamist Attacks What They Are

This video update on the Pakistani schoolgirl brutally shot by the Taliban is a reminder of the Obama administration's resistance to condemning Islamist attacks for being just that: attacks in the name of Islam by radical extremists who despise decency, true justice and equality. Read More

"Let's Give Up on the Constitution," Georgetown Law Professor Urges

CBS News hosted a stunning segment yesterday with a Georgetown University professor urging Americans to "give up on the Constitution." The piece was introduced by CBS's Charles Osgood asking, "Is the U.S. Constitution truly worthy of the reverence in which most Americans hold it?" 

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