Desperate Democrats Take On Obama

In case you need evidence that Democrats are trying desperately, and I mean desperately, to distance themselves from the President before the 2014 election, watch this "us vs. them" ad by West Virginia Democratic Senate candidate, Natalie Tennant, and it will become crystal clear. She actually simulates shutting off the lights at the White House to tell Obama: Stop messing with coal. (Any Republican running this spot would be accused of fomenting crazy right-wingers to go after the White House's energy supply. But a Democrat pulling out all the stops to win? Eh, whatever. )

The usually Obama-supporting Tennant has an uphill battle. Republican Shelley Moore Capito, whose hostility to Obama's energy regulations is unquestioned, is up by 9.3 in the latest Real Clear Politics average of polls. Check out Capito's ad about Obama's War on Coal--she calls it what it is--below.