Pavlich Nails Liberal Hypocrisy in War on Women Tactic

My latest from the Washington Times: 

Think the “War on Women” meme is passe? Run its course? Think again.

“Turn on a TV in Colorado and you might assume there are no issues more important to state voters than abortion rights, access to contraception and the definition of personhood.” That according to an article about the contentious U.S. Senate race there in Real Clear Politics this week.

If it strikes one as odd that a Colorado race, or any of the many U.S. congressional races where it is happening, would be obsessing over “women’s health” issues, given the abundance of crises facing our nation at the moment, Katie Pavlich can explain the conundrum. She does so with clarity, passion and an overwhelming abundance of evidence in her hard-hitting new book, “Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women.”

The author writes, “The playbook [for the 2014 elections] is simple. War on women. Birth control. Republicans better be ready to counter it …”

Making this wake-up call all the more urgent: The GOP establishment’s apparent readiness to blow it again. Case in point: an original interview the author conducted in 2013 with the epitome of the establishment himself, Mitt Romney. To the question of how he could have handled the War on Women attacks more effectively, Mr. Romney responded, “Well, there are a lot of outrageous lies I just don’t think women believe, so I’m not sure how damaging they are.”

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McAuliffe, Herring Going Rogue in Richmond

Our Founders knew that renegade public officials, intentionally bypassing the proper limits on their authority, endanger our republican form of government. Mr. McAuliffe and Mr. Herring, by ignoring the will of the people as expressed by their direct vote (as in the constitutional amendment on marriage) or through their representatives, are doing just that. Going rogue and replacing the people’s wisdom with their personal political agendas. That’s just not how it’s done — not in Virginia, and not in America.

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Sorry, Al. Americans Not Fretting Climate Change. It's the economy. . .

In the face of economic uncertainty and malaise, "climate change" has a rather hollow ring to it. That's why so few Americans are stressing over it compared to their fear over keeping their jobs and making ends meet in economic hard times. 

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Palin Nails It: American Women Cheap Dates? No more.

Well, no one does it better than Sarah Palin. She called out Democrats for "demeaning women" and treating them like cheap dates with the fictional War on Women, while giving good swift kick in the pants to Republicans. She said they need to start articulating the values of true liberation espoused by their party: independence, a strong work ethic, family, faith and freedom. "If the boys are not up to the challenge, conservative women are happy to lead the charge." Tony Lee at gives the best recap of the speech I've seen, so check it out:  Palin Slams Liberals for Treating Women Like Cheap Dates.

The Very Real, Yet Utterly Absurd, War on Christmas

The "War on Christmas" is an utter absurdity, championed by those who claim we are somehow an atheistic nation and that any display of faith surrounding a faith-based holiday, in a faith-based nation is a violation of their Constitutional rights. 

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