Not Everyone is Giving Up the Fight Against Weed

Great discussion on last night's The Factor with Bill O'Reilly featuring two liberal Democrats who are opposed to the legalization of marijuana: former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Christopher Kennedy Lawford, author of What Addicts Know. I don't agree with these guys (including Bill O'Reilly) all the time, but I do on this one.  And coming from two recovering addicts, the message is all the more powerful.

Lawford says,

Legalization will increase prevalence, and our youth is at risk. We have studies that demonstrate not only the addictive capabilities of marijuana but the difficulty in treating people who are addicted. One in 6 young people smoke it chronically. The chronic use of marijuana obliterates ambition and leads to potential psychosis—all sorts of mood disorders. It’s not a good matter of policy to legalize it.

Spot on. Watch the whole clip by clicking here and realize why this is one issue we should not just shrug our shoulders and give up on.