Impeachment: Democrats in Danger of Overplaying Hand

The Hill ran a headline today: Dems Fear A Debacle on Turnout. You bet they do. The public is disillusioned with the president; poll after poll shows it. The Democrats, desperate to hold onto the Senate, have to think of something to distract them from the myriad crises, both domestic and international. They also have to come up with a plan to fire up their base and bring back wayward Obama voters who are just plain fed up.

They think they've found the silver bullet with impeachment. Politico says the Democrats can't talk enough about impeaching a President of their own party. Chuck Todd of NBC said the White House is praying for impeachment. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has been sending out "IMPEACHMENT ALERTS," saying , "The White House has alerted us that they are preparing for possible impeachment."

All of it coming from the left. Yes, Governor Sarah Palin gave voice to the frustrations that a lot of Americans are feeling about the President's overreach when she talked a few weeks ago about the possibility of impeaching the President. But other than a few Congressmen saying it should be considered, the Democrats area the one beating the impeachment drum.

And who can blame them? The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says they raised $1 million off hysterical emails in one day!  

But the Democrats, in what has become their standard frenzy to create hysteria over a non existent threat from Republicans, are in real danger of overplaying their hand. Think about it. We've seen stories over the past couple months about disillusioned Democrats abandoning Obama--over ineptitude,yes, but also because of what they see as his overreach of authority. We've seen polls suggesting Democrat-leaning voters are upset with the President and don't think he's been honest with them. And we've seen candidates fly back to Washington to avoid appearing at their own fundraisers with Obama. Or running ads, calling Obama out by name, on policies they disagree with.

Now, Democrats think the solution is to paint Republicans as out of touch nut jobs who are considering impeachment. Impeachment that only the Democrats are considering.

If, however, Obama goes forward with his threat on sweeping and illegal executive action granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, thereby encouraging even more illegal immigration, there's a very real chance, Americans who otherwise would think impeachment is extreme, might actually begin to wonder if it has some merit. 

I'm not referring to Tea Party patriots. Rather to those moderate, even Democrat-leaning voters who are already skeptical of the President's honesty and tired of his political maneuvering at their expense.

This is, after all, the same man who said he would never permit the same abuse of power of which he accused George W. Bush, specifically of "not going through Congress at all."  There's a good chance, if Obama and his White House political team continue to fan the flames of impeachment, they might have a bonafide conflagration on their hands just a few more executive orders down the road.