Finally: GOP Hope for a Happy Warrior

Some of us have been a bit despairing of late. The prospects for 2016 on the GOP side have been a bit depressing. When Jeb Bush "surges to GOP front-runner" status and Mitt Romney is seen as a shoe-in, there's good reason for hand-wringing. 

Please don't misunderstand: I like those fellas. Good and decent men. But we've been there. Done that. And it doesn't work. No matter how many times the main stream media gleefully tells unsuspecting Republicans it will, it won't.

So news that Governor Scott Walker is headed to Iowa at the end of January and that Senator Mike Lee has been elected to head the Senate Steering Committee, and as such will advise Sen. Mitch McConnell, is welcome indeed. 

I'm not necessarily looking for a firebrand (tho I do love a good firebrand) to lead Republcans as much as I'm looking for someone with principle. With conviction and courage. Who is credible. And yes, a happy warrior. These two give me hope that they are out there. And willing to lead.