"Let's Give Up on the Constitution," Georgetown Law Professor Urges

CBS News hosted a stunning segment yesterday with Constitutional law professor, Louis Michael Seidman, from Georgetown University, urging Americans to "give up on the Constitution." The piece was introduced with Charles Osgood asking, "Is the U.S. Constitution truly worthy of the reverence in which most Americans hold it?" 

Seidman clarified that he wasn't referring to "everything in the Constitution. The Constitution has many important and inspiring provisions, but we should obey these because they are important and inspiring, not because a bunch of people who are now long-dead favored them two centuries ago." A bunch of people who are now long-dead?

He went on: "Unfortunately, the Constitution also contains some provisions that are not so inspiring. For example, one allows a presidential candidate who is rejected by a majority of the American people to assume office. Suppose that Barack Obama really wasn't a natural-born citizen. So what?"

It's easy to dismiss the segment as the ravings of yet another leftist academic, getting airtime on the patently leftist network whose chief political director urged Obama to "destroy the GOP"; but dismissing it is a mistake. Leftist academics at all levels of our educational system and the media think they have a lock grip on the future of our constitutional republic.  And they are very likely right. CBS's attack on our Constitution and Founding Fathers is yet another call for renewed efforts to capture the hearts and minds of young people with a genuine understanding of our Founders' revolutionary concept of liberty as a gift to each individual from our Creator.