A Woman's Right to Self Defense

No mother ever wants to be in this position: having to defend herself and her children from an intruder by shooting them.  But if we have to, we will.

This is the story from last Friday of a mother who hid with her 9 year old twins in a crawlspace when an intruder entered their home in the middle of the day--in broad daylight.  When he opened the door to their hiding space, she open fired, hitting him 5 times. He is expected to survive, but far more importantly, the mom and her twins will definitely survive.

Photo: WSB-TV (CNN)

Photo: WSB-TV (CNN)

I argued just last week on Hannity with a liberal talk radio host who said she would use her voice and her arms and legs to fight an intruder, not a gun.  She would not be awake enough during an invasion to use a gun properly, therefore, I suppose, no one would be able to. I said I'd take my chances with a gun, thanks. I haven't seen the woman with whom I was arguing in person, but as a rather petite little lady myself, I am not confident about my arms being able to fend off anyone.

Threats come at all times of day and night.  Women are more and more in a position of vulnerability, being alone and having to defend their home and the people in it.

Senator Dianne Feinstein wants to take away the right of women to defend themselves with all scary-looking guns. No joke.  She and her staff look through gun catalogs picking out the ones that look dangerous. All guns are dangerous when you don't know how to use them. Of if you're a killer. But guns can also be the line between life and death, as for this woman in Georgia last week. DiFi's bill would ban all semi-automatic hand guns with removable magazines.  That would include the most popular handguns purchased for self-defense on the market today.

This particular mom shot with a revolver, but she should be allowed to defend herself with whatever gun she feels comfortable. DiFi herself used to carry a weapon in her purse for self defense.  Washington knows as well as I do, gun control laws will only impact law abiding citizens. With 300,000 guns in circulation in the US, criminals will not be thwarted. 

This brave lady's husband had it right:  “My wife is a hero. She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do as responsible, prepared gun owner.”  God bless them.

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