Under Obama Drone Hits Skyrocket, Compared to Bush

A little perspective for those who say  conservatives should be happy that President Barack Obama is embracing President Bush's policies regarding drones: As of September, 2012, Barack Obama had authorized six times as many drone strikes as George W. Bush did in his eight years in office.

According to CNN, as a result, "the number of estimated deaths from the Obama administration's drone strikes is more than four times what it was during the Bush administration -- somewhere between 1,494 and 2,618."

While Bush's attacks were targeted to taking out particular al Queda leaders, Obama is using drone attacks for a far broader purpose.

While Bush sought to decapitate the leadership ranks of al Qaeda, Obama seems to be aiming also to collapse the entire network of allied groups, such as the Pakistani Taliban.

As a result, so-called “signature strikes” have become a hallmark of Obama’s drone war. These are drone attacks based on patterns of merely suspicious activity by a group of men, rather than the identification of a particular individual militant.

So actually, Obama has gone far beyond President Bush's policy--and that should be acknowledged going forward in this debate.

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