Obama Taking Aim at Private Gun Sales

I was chastized a few days ago by Media Matters (I know, it's always a good day when Media Matters comes after you) for claiming on Fox and Friends (falsely, they say) that Obama wants to halt private gun sales.  Let's see about that. . . 

Well, in the Weekly Standard's post, "Biden Hints at Outlawing Unregulated 'Private' Gun Sales," my buddy Joe just confirmed my point.

Media Matters argues that closing the so-called "gun show loophole" would only prevent individuals from selling guns to those who shouldn't have them, as in individuals who can't pass background check. Well, individuals do not have the legal authority to conduct background checks, so the impact of requiring a person selling a gun to conduct a background check would preclude the sale. That means shutting down private gun sales.

So what's the big deal with that? First of all, crony capitalism is what's wrong with it, but that doesn't concern Media Matters or Obama when its in pursuit of their ultimate leftist agenda. Crony capitalism has been the ongoing strategy of the Obama administration (big pharma with Obamacare; doling out "stimulus" money to their business pals in exchange for filling their campaign coffers): if they convince Walmart that they're going to end all private gun sales and drive those purchases to commercial retailers instead, they know Walmart and other gun sellers will jump on board, and pay big bucks for a PR campaign to help ram the proposals through.  

Further, if through this provision individual gun sellers acquire the right and requirement to run background checks, that means the government will have a record of the transfer. I know that doesn't bother liberals who has endless faith in the goodness of government itself, but it bothers conservatives who have a healthy mistrust of government and its intentions. On this one, we know the ultimate objective of the anti gun crowd: confiscation.  This provision would bring us one step closer.