NY State Senator Says Cuomo's Goal: Confiscation

So is Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York just talking about imposing the nation's toughest assault weapons ban? (By "just," I'm not saying it's no big deal. It's a very big deal.)  A New York newspaper, and papers across the country, have taken to publishing the names and addresses of gun owners.  Why the gross invasion of privacy? It is part of an effort to turn public opinion and to portray gun owners as criminals.  This, and Cuomo's proposed assault weapons ban, according to NY State Senator Greg Ball, is a precursor to confiscation.  

Last night on Hannity, Sen. Ball said, "People need to realize this governor is on the record talking about confiscation. . . . I'm telling you right now, people need to get on the damn phone and call their senators" so the governor's bill, which started as a gun confiscation bill, never hits the floor of the state senate.  Time for action, New York gun owners. And anyone in New York who cares about the ability of Americans to protect themselves. In the words of the governor: "End this madness now."

Go to the end of this video to watch Sen, Ball's comments last night.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/RightSighting...