Hypocrisy At The Highest Levels: Should Conservatives Criticize Obama on Women?

I've read a few articles over the past couple days, written by conservatives, suggesting that other conservatives should not criticize Obama on the make up of his Cabinet and the lack of overall diversity of his White House staff, particularly his inner circle. While I understand the underlying sentiment--we conservatives don't agree with quotas, and deeply believe that the best person, regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity should have the job--I don't agree that we should give Obama a pass on his blatant hypocrisy and his successful attempt to dupe Americans during the campaign into believing conservatives and Republicans have launched an all-out "war on women."

Look, Obama didn't just criticize Romney when it came to women. He hammered him. Disingenuously, I might add. When Mitt Romney pointed out that he went to extraordinary efforts to recruit and hire qualified women to his administration when he was governor of Massachusetts, he was mocked and pilloried by the left--including Obama. It was a dishonest attack and Obama and his team knew it. At one point, in fact, Romney had more women in his cabinet than any other governor in the nation.

Obama claimed Republicans wanted to drag women kicking and screaming back to the 1950's. That was the rhetoric of his surrogates. A good 85% of his convention was dedicated to promoting the "War on Women" meme--with no concern for the truth. Republicans, we were told, want to take away women's birth control and are opposed to equal pay for equal work. It was staggering stuff.

But it was all part of Obama's strategy to convince the American people that when it came to women, and the elderly, the young, blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, the poor, the "middle class," Republicans were malicious. They had deep, unforgivable character flaws and therefore could not even be considered as an alternative, much less supported.

Now the truth comes out. It's been out. Obama's White House has been widely known to be a "Boys' Club" since the early days of the first term. I write about it extensively in Divider in Chief. Now, with four white male appointees to the four cabinet posts, with reports of ongoing pay disparity in the White House, with Flickr pictures showing a very white male inner circle around the president, we are getting a clear picture of what a load of bunk we were fed during the campaign.

Binders, indeed.