Blackwell Fighting to Undo RNC Power Grab


Virginia National Committeeman Morton Blackwell is fighting hard against what has been called the “biggest power grab in the history of the Republican Party.”  The grab took place at the RNC convention in Tampa, per the direction of Romney consultants who were trying to lock out the more conservative grassroots elements at the convention.

The Republican establishment tends to have a problem with the grassroots--no matter how badly they need them.  I'll never forget a good friend's story from the Virginia state convention that nominated Ollie North to the US Senate, and in doing so, brought thousands of Christian conservatives to the convention.  According to my friend, a party bigwig was standing in the back of the convention hall. He pointed at some newcomer Republicans who were passing time in their seats reading the Bible, and said to another: "We sure don't need those people."

Well, they do need "those people," and they need them very badly.  They better start treating Christian conservatives, Tea Party patriots, Ron Paul fans, and a very wide variety of conservative stalwarts with some dignity, respect and appreciation, or they can get comfy being the minority party. 

As Morton, in his quest to return power to the grassroots, and in turn, strengthen the party as a whole, wrote, “Instead of further centralizing the Republican Party, we should welcome newcomers and treat them fairly, politely and cordially. What good is it to centralize power if doing so prevents us from recruiting new grassroots activists to our Party and building an organization which can win future elections?" Hear, hear!

Where, by the way, is the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on all this? He was, after all, chairman when the grab was rammed through. And where, come to think of it, is he on anything these days?

Go get 'em, Morton. 

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