Women in Combat

I'd be a little more open to the notion of women in combat if I had heard one decent argument about how this decision would improve the quality of our military.  But as yet, I've heard none.  I have just heard the standard liberal brouhaha about how anyone who opposes women in combat must just be against equal rights for women, and in favor of discrimination.  In no way do I think this has to do with rights.  The issue should be the safety, security and excellence of our military.

Having said all that, I am extremely concerned about those women in combat.  Our enemies today include regimes that, as common practice, rape women prisoners.  Men don't face the same likelihood of that consequence.  But what about our military men, who will be put in added danger, because every decent instinct will impel them to try to protect our female soldiers from this fate?

Seems the last thing on the minds of the politicos supporting this move is the well-being of our troops.  Scoring political points.  At what cost?

Note: I went to the Department of Defense website looking for a photo of a female member of our military for this post.  For such a big fan of women in combat as Leon Panetta says he's been for years, he doesn't seem to have much regard for women in the military overall.  This was the ONLY picture of a woman in uniform that I could find on the five pages on the website.  I didn't look closely at each thumbnail, but that's the conclusion I came to after a quick sweep. I happens to be the most recent. Just saying.