New Low for Democrat Strategery: Sex Antics in VA

The Virginia Democratic Party has reached a new low in campaign strategery--their campaign theme this week: oral sex. Yes, that's right. In case all their inane rantings and ravings about the "extreme" and "dangerous" Ken Cuccinelli have not sufficiently distracted from any genuine discussion of the issues, they hope this will do the trick.

On Virginia college campuses, the Democrats plastered posters saying "Ken Cuccinelli wants to make oral sex a felony," along with their not-so-clever innuendo. 


For the sake of setting the facts straight: Cuccinelli has argued that the state's sodomy law is a critical tool in prosecuting child sex predators. IN PROTECTING CHILDREN. He has also made it clear that the Supreme Court has determined that the law cannot be used against consenting adults in private. I've linked to a statement by the Attorney General's office on the subject. Yet again, the Democrats play fast and loose with the facts to scare people. Distortion, obfuscation and downright lying.  

This entire campaign from the Democrats has been premised on one theme and one big lie: Republicans hate women.   No ideas, no vision coming from the Dems. Even former Governor Doug Wilder—a Democrat who has endorsed McAuliffe—said of McAuliffe’s lack of a platform: “If you go out and say, ‘OK, what is the issue other than anti-Cuccinelli?,’ it’s difficult to find the Democrats coming up with an issue.”

That's because they don't have one. Job creation? Terry McAuliffe could credibly run on "wealth creation"--for himself. Or being in the right place at the right time for the sake of his own profit margin. But job creation? I think not.

The anti-woman message is untenable unless you distort so thoroughly, and say it so many times, that women start to believe you. Ken Cuccinelli actually has a record of standing up for women--particularly those who are victims or potential victims of sexual assualt. Terry McAuliffe? He has no record of standing up for women. The only thing remotely related to women I can think of is leaving his wife sobbing in the backseat on the way home from the hospital with a newborn so he could stop in a schmooze at a fundraiser.

I can't think of a more explicit example of how low-brow the Democrats and McAuliffe have been throughout this campaign than the sex posters on campuses. Oh, they took them down once the media caught wind (though there was hardly a flutter about it). The Party and the campaign knew Virginians would be disgusted. They should still be. It's crass and juvenile, and it assumes college kids are idiots who can't tell when they're being lied to and who are concerned only about sex. Remember the Obama website ad: "Vote like your lady parts depend on it"? Reminiscent. Then it was women who were taken as fools. Hey, if it works, don't let little things like dignity and respect for women and young people get in your way. Don't worry; the Democrats won't.