Notice: My Insurance Plan Cancelled and Feds Want Me on the Dole

I received my notice from Anthem last week that, contrary to the President's promise,  I may not keep my current insurance plan. It has been terminated in order "to meet the requirements of the new laws." I DO HAVE OPTIONS, they tell me! (The options do NOT include saving that $2,500 a year on my family's health care costs that the President promised.)

Option 1: Pay an extra $104 a month--I got off easy with a 17% increase--and get a plan that's the same "design" of the one I have now, (although that new plan "does not have to meet certain federal laws"--so why did they cancel my original plan because it didn't "meet the requireements of the new laws"?); or

Option 2: Shop on the marketplace during Open Enrollment. In bold letters at the bottom of my notice: "IMPORTANT: Financial assistance for your health coverage may be available."  Translation: "Get 'em on the dole." 

Anthem policy discontinued.jpg