Democrats Running Scared on Obamacare

The Democrats are running scared. Even those who normally refrain from Barack "Divider in Chief" Obama's petulant name-calling have now set civility aside and joined the fray. The invective du jour? "Crazy." Those "crazy" Republicans. They are actually suggesting that Obamacare be delayed a year!  Or that Obama himself be subject to his signature health care program. How crazy.

Really? It's crazy to suggest that because, technologically speaking, the program is a disaster, and because big businesses, big labor and Obama cronies get a one year delay your average American individual should get the same treatment?  It's crazy to say individuals shouldn't have to pay a penalty this year if businesses don't?

No, it's the farthest thing from crazy. It's responsible. But as the President's approval rating tanks at 37%, and the vicious "terrorist-arsonist-hostage taker" name-calling backfires, as Americans get their insurance rate-hike or termination notices, and as young people realize the cost of their monthly premiums and deductibles, Democrats are in full panic mode. 

Now is the time to realize there is powerful new leadership rising up in the Republican Party--not dependent on special interests or corporate lobbyists. You bet the Democrats will call them crazy. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and now the young dynamic lumberjack Congressman from Wisconsin, Sean Duffy--those who are being savvy and principled, championing the economic perspective of the majority of the American people, and not backing down in the face of a barrage from the media, Democrats and some in their own party--they are the future. And they are a huge threat to the ever-expanding welfare state and the reckless spending policies that could bankrupt our nation. 

They once called another savvy, principled fella "crazy"--both establishment Republicans and Democrats did it. His name was Ronald Reagan. But look out. Crazy is making a comeback.