MSM: Rubio is Finished (or will be when they're through with him)

Anyone who would suggest moving from sunny, income-tax-free Florida to Washington, DC is trying to "move up" has a screw lose if you ask me, but then again we're talking about Rachel Maddow. . .  

According to Politico, Marco Rubio and his wife listed their Florida home for sale in the fall, saying that now the senator has to be away from his young children during the week. If he's thinking about running for president, and clearly he is, then he might be seeing them even less soon. It makes perfect sense that he would want his family with him whenever possible.

No doubt it won't be an easy move. The Rubio's have talked in interviews before about the strong support network of family they have close by where they live now. They will be giving that up.  But it sounds like they're willing to make that sacrifice in order to be together, as a family.

So out come the media attack dogs, with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow among the pack leaders, mocking Senator Rubio for mentioning his middle class home in a working class neighborhood during his response to the State of the Union address. (I'm suppose I should just happy they're moving on from the water sipping.) Maddow said,

So you know, you may love your neighbors, but why would you brag about that love for your neighbors in your middle class neighborhood in the highest-profile speech you will ever give in your life when you’re also on record trying to move away from those neighbors in that neighborhood so you can go live in Washing, D.C.?

Now, a couple things about the snarky Maddow moment. First, I might have some concerns about mentioning the home and neighborhood in the speech were he moving to the exclusive McMansion neighborhood across town. But they're not. They're moving to the place where the husband and father works so they can be together. But Maddow mentions nothing about the family concerns--that would spoil her mockery. The fact that they live in a working class neighborhood is a significant point and belonged in his speech: "Hey, Mr. President: we're not all a bunch of millionaires like you, so stop demonizing us, saying that we care only about your millionaire buddies." Rubio said it far more eloquently.

The other point is about this bit of Maddow's rant: "the highest-profile speech you will ever give in your life." I detect a wee bit of hostility and malice as well as quite of bit of fear in that line. It is highly unlikely that this was the pinnacle for Marco Rubio.'s speaking career, but Maddow's point, no doubt, is that it will be if the MSM have anything to say about it. Just a foreshadowing of the effort to destroy Marco Rubio, begun with the water sip nonsense, but about to be kicked into high gear by those who see him as the most immediate threat to the Left's effort to establish a permanent hold on American political life.