House Democrats Propose $1 Trillion in taxes on Families

According to The Hill, the new budget that the House Democrats unveiled this morning by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) contains a boat-load of new stimulus spending and new taxes. The budget, which will never see the light of day but reveals complete detachment of Democrats from the struggles of working Americans, would spend $200 billion in new stimulus dollars and raise $1.2 trillion in new taxes. One trillion of those would hit families, already being pummeled by Obamacare.

With this bill, debt would be 70% of GDP in 2023, compared with a still high 55% for the Ryan Republican budget. And as for cutting spending? You have to love what the Hill writes: "Van Hollen said his budget included more spending cuts than tax increases if the $1.5 trillion in cuts approved by the last Congress are included." If you count cuts that were already approved? When does that stop? Let's just keep counting old cuts. Again and again and again.

If you thought the Democrat's Senate budget was bad, this one will knock your socks off. In the Senate bill: "only" $975 million in new taxes. Is the strategy just to make the Senate budget look not so bad? Hmmm. Anyway, so much for a balanced approach.

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