Does Cuccinelli Need a Makeover?

With  the only other governor's race in the country this year being New Jersey, which is looking like a done deal, expect a lot of attention on Virginia. The left and the media say Republican Ken Cuccinelli is going to have a tough time--they say he's too conservative. I, along with a lot of other conservatives, have been saying for a long time: voters want someone who stands courageously for what he believes in. And moderates and independents aren't just looking for "Democrat-lite," they're looking for someone committed to stemming the growth of government and unleashing the free market. This will be a great test.

In an interesting piece from the Richmond Times Dispatch, written by Jim Nolan, about the Virginia's governor's race, My former UVa professor and friend Larry Sabato and others seem to think a makeover is Cuccinelli's only hope.  As I told the Nolan:

The hand-wringers who say [Cuccinelli] has to remake himself forget this is the guy who has won election to the state Senate from Fairfax, and statewide as attorney general as a smart, savvy, yet outspoken conservative.

We shall see. Read the entire article here.