Using Boston to Score Points: Demonizing over Sequester

We saw Americans come together. Rallying to the cause of saving lives, comforting, encouraging. Despite the horror, the fear, the heartbreak, it was the glimmer of light on a dark, dark day.

Less than 24 hours later, however, the ripping apart of America, the demonizing began again. Political gamesmanship of the now-perfected ilk "vilify one's opponent" centered around, of all things, sequester. Retired Congressman Barney Frank, current Congressman Steny Hoyer, chairman of the CA House Democratic caucus, Xavier Becerra, and vice chairman of the NY House Democratic caucus have taken the "opportunity" of the Boston Marathon bombing to bash Republicans for the sequester. All four are using a national tragedy as an opportunity to try to score political points. It is an appalling demonstration of the worst in politics.

Becerra went so far as to say Boston might have to take money away from vaccine for kids' programs in order to pay for efforts to deal with the bombings.

It is all eerily familiar to President Obama using the precious victims of Sandy Hook, and their families, to push his gun control efforts--to say if one opposes his gun plans, he must not care about those children. Disgusting. So it what we see happening now.

Is this to become the new standard for conduct for our politicians after the courageous, selfless display by Americans after vicious attacks and the senseless loss of life in the land of the free, the home of the brave? Sadly, it appears so.