Weiner and Sanford: Can't We Do Better?

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner is moving up in the polls. He is polling second in the New York mayoral race, but the kicker is that a majority of Democrats (45% to 41%) now view him positively.

I'd go after this from a partisan stand-point big time, if it were not for South Carolina Republicans nominating another disgraced, lying, cheating, narcissistic (my diagnosis) candidate.  So instead, I'll just say: can't we as Americans do better? Nothing is going to keep these sort of candidates from re-entering the political arena. They feed off the attention--they need it, and they seem to think they are worthy of our trust.

It's up to voters to demand better.  Can we really bemoan the state of politics, the tendency of our leaders to let us down, to lie to us, to cheat on us, and to act in their own personal best interest at the expense of ours, when we have a pretty good expectation from their track record that they are going to do all of the above? Let's stop whining about our leadership and get out there and change it: look for good, honest, principled leaders. No, they won't be perfect, and they certainly won't be without sin, but we should have at least a hope that they will stand up for what is right and good. Keep turning to disastrous retreads who have shown their true colors, and we can just expect more of the same.