Truth Averse Obama Deceives Americans on His Budget Numbers

Let's see. This is the Administration that:

* Seized vast phone records from a private, reputable news organization and has apparently monitored the emails of a reporter with a network it openly disdains;
* Targets, through the IRS, groups that disagree ideologically with the President; and
* Has yet to come clean on the Benghazi cover up: what really happened that night, were Americans in the mission even armed, and where was the President when our Ambassador was being assassinated.

Consequently it should surprise no one that the Obama Administration, encumbered by a genuine "Truth Aversion," would fabricate budget numbers to deceive the American public.

Most people knew that the budget numbers were make-believe when the President unveiled them in a Rose Garden speech in April: now we have it from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

Some will be surprised, however, by the audacity and extent of the deception--how dramatically the numbers were skewed by the President himself (thought surely the fault lies with some low-level speech writer who handed the President his remarks as he approached the podium). As Investors Business Daily puts it, Obama "vastly exaggerated" the numbers in his proposed budget.

For example, President Obama said spending cuts and tax hikes in his budget were balanced. No one believed that for a second, but we didn't know the tax hikes outweighed the budget cuts 6 to 1!

We were told that the tax hikes would be $580 billion over 10 years. Wrong again. They are closer to $1 trillion--$974 billion. And the President didn't mention that he's socking the taxpayers with that ON TOP of the $600 billion in hikes he rammed through at the beginning of the year and the $1 trillion in new Obamacare taxes.

The $1.2 trillion in spending cuts he promised in the Rose Garden? They're actually a measly $172 billion--that's about .4% of the federal budget. But what's a trillion dollar discrepancy these days. . . .

Ah well, par for the course these days. It's becoming standard operating procedure for this Administration to mislead the American people. The President's budget fabrication is yet another rich fairy tale we common folk have been fed with the expectation we will shrug our shoulders and move on.