The Left: Leaving Women Defenseless

In Charlottesville, Va. on Tuesday, a former University of Virginia dining hall worker plead guilty to trying to abduct and sexually assault a female student. The "lonely" worker wanted someone to "feel pain like he feels it."  According to the testimony of a police detective, "he had a lot of aggression and wanted someone to take his aggression out on." 

This would-be rapist and probable murderer was searching for someone to torture.  He spotted a 19-year-old student walking home alone near UVa's campus.  He grabbed her and tried to shove her in the back of his SUV. By the grace of God, she somehow got away. Police later found a butcher's knife, a dog leash and nylon restraints in his car.

There is evil in this world.  Liberals claim to care about the safety of women, yet they want them left to their own devices (or whistles and call-boxes) to protect themselves from unimaginable horror.  If campus Women's Centers and sexual assault prevention programs want to make a difference, they'd launch authentic women's defense programs that included instruction in how to effectively use a concealed gun against predators. (There are many women, unlike this one, who do not have the strength on their own to thwart an attack.) They'd also launch a nationwide effort for legislation allowing concealed carry weapons on all college campuses. I cannot for the life of me imagine why any alternative is acceptable.