Left Wants to Ban Guns, While Ignoring Real Solutions

I'm hesitant to say anything adulatory about Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) these days after his appalling reaction to Senator Rand Paul's (R-KY) courageous filibuster, but I've got to give him credit.  He's exposing the Democrats' hypocrisy on guns, and their real motive: banning gun. Shocking, I know.

Graham is pushing a bill that would require the mentally incompetent to be added to the National Instant Criminal Background System, so that in the event that they attempt to purchase any type of gun, they would be prevented from doing so. This is taking the real issue behind many of the horrific mass shootings in this country head on.

According to Fox News, Graham illustrates the need for this measure with a compelling story: A South Carolina woman, Alice Bolan, threatened to kill President Bush in 2005. She pleaded not guilty, by reason of insanity. Yet this year, she bought a gun legally, and tried to shoot someone. That's, pardon the expression, nuts.

The Left claims if conservatives really care about the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, they would support banning certain types of weapons--many of which are quite popular for self-defense.  They know perfectly well that Senator Diane Feinstein's (D-CA) ban will do virtually nothing to limit gun violence. Yet they ignore an issue that could bring about positive results--the issue of those whom we have prior knowledge to be mentally incompetent, unstable or violent from being prevented from purchasing weapons.

Why do they ignore the issue? Because it distracts from their real goal: banning guns. They want to exploit the emotion around the Sandy Hook shootings to guilt and shame elected representatives into supporting their unconstitutional, counterproductive approach. And they have the audacity to say conservatives don't care about the nation's school children.

New Poll: "Hands Off Our Guns"

Findings from a recent Fox News poll will be good news for Second Amendment defenders: a hearty majority of Americans in households owning guns--fully two-thirds--would defy any law passed requiring them to forfeit their guns to the government.  In contrast, only 22 percent would comply by giving up their guns.

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White House Dilly-Dallies on Mental Health Regs Even After Newtown

Based on their clear desire to focus on banning guns rather than finding real solutions, it's doubtful we're going to see much movement on mental health issues by an Obama White House caught up in its pursuit of scoring political points.

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Obama Taking Aim at Private Gun Sales

I was chastised a few days ago by Media Matters (I know, it's always a good day when Media Matters comes after you) for claiming on Fox and Friends (falsely, they say) that Obama wants to halt private gun sales.  Let's see about that. . . .

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